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The Surface Normal to Edge Angle command measures an angle defined by the normal vector of a surface and a straight edge on the model.

To measure the angle between a surface normal and an edge:

  1. Open the Angular menu on the 3D Document toolbar. How?Click the drop-down arrow to the right of the Angles button. You should see a drop-down menu listing the available commands.
  2. Point to Surface Point to.
  3. Click Edge.
  4. Click on a surface of the model.
  5. Click an edge on the model.SpinFire™ indicates when your pointer is over an edge by highlighting the edge with a line.
  6. Drag the label into position and click once.


• If you want to add several of the same type of markup, you may select the Lock tool check box that appears when you select a markup command. This will allow you to keep adding the same type of markup to the scene until you click Stop.

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