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Adding Resource Tags from a Pipeline

Tag your resources when they are initially uploaded to the catalog through the pipeline. This can be achieved through four different pipeline actions.

Pipeline actions enabling tagging resources

  • Resource to Catalog
  • CAD to PNG image
  • CAD to SpinFire
  • CAD to SpinFire Web

To add tags to a resource

  1. Add or edit the action. Add to Catalog must be enabled.
  2. Under the Add to Category option, enable Add Tags to Resource.
  3. Select tags in the Tags field. Add one tag or many.

    If your Centro instance has Allow non-administrators to create Tags enabled, you can create new tags on the spot.

To add tags using dynamic properties

  1. Add or edit the action. Add to Catalog must be enabled.
  2. Enable Add Tags based on dynamic properties.
  3. Formulate your tag using a combination of text and dynamic properties.


Tags are only added to new resources.

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