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Assembly Revisions

An assembly revision labels an assembly and each of its parts at that moment in time. This allows users to recall and download that assembly with set of parts and sub-assemblies with the versions they were when the assembly revision label was created. 

Managing Assembly Revisions

Adding a new Assembly Revision

To create an assembly revision,

  1. Navigate to the Catalog part view of the top node of an assembly.

  2. Click Add a new Assembly Revision.

  3. Enter a revision label (must be unique for the part).

  4. Click OK.

Edit an Assembly Revision

To edit an assembly revision name,

  1. Click on the assembly revision edit button.

  2. Enter a new name into the revision label.

  3. Click OK.

Delete an Assembly Revision

To delete an assembly revision,

  1. Click on the assembly revision delete button.

  2. Click Continue anyway

Downloading an Assembly Revision

How to Download an Assembly Revision

To download an assembly revision,

  1. Click the resource menu and select Download Assembly.

  2. Select from the Revision pull down, the assembly revision you wish to download.

  3. The download assembly dialog window updates to the specified revisions files.

  4. Click Download Selected.

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