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BOM Manager

BOM Compare

Compare an Engineering Bill of Material (BOM) lists with a Manufacturing BOM via the BOM Manager application. Quickly discover items that have been changed, added or removed

The source of a BOM can be from:

  • an assembly found in Centro Catalog
  • an Excel spreadsheet
  • a PLM system such as PLEX



  1. Select A CAD file I will upload.
  2. Click the Upload button.
  3. Click Add to add files to upload.
  • Note: You must upload the entire assembly (all files) when comparing, otherwise you will see missing Parts in the results.

Load from Catalog

To load from the BOM Manager:

  1. Click A Catalog Part.
  2. Enter text to search for the Catalog part.
  3. Select a part from the list.

To load from the Catalog:

  1. Find the CAD file from the Catalog.
  2. Click on the associated BOM Compare button, 

Load from PLEX

Contact your Actify representative for this feature functionality.

Load BOM from another source

Contact your Actify representative for this feature functionality.


Navigation within the BOM compare is simple and intuitive. To manipulate the view of the comparison tree use the following movements list in the table below.

Navigate up and down comparison nodesMouse drag + direction
Zoom InMouse wheel scroll away
Zoom OutMouse wheel scroll towards
Select NodeLeft mouse click

There are additional tools to find nodes, navigate, and aid in comparison.

The top tool bar shows:

  • CAD file name
  • Part count
  • Part search
  • Tools menu
  • Fit to View

Tools menu

Use the Tools menu to:

  • Toggle Fit to View
    Use to fit the entire comparison tree inside the screen space that's available. 
  • Collapse Children
    Collapse the children of all parent nodes that contain children.
  • Expand Children
    Expand the children of all parent nodes that contain children.
  • Metadata Tool-tips
    When enabled, clicking on a item in the comparison tree, a tool tip appears with the part's attributes listed.
    Turn on attributes through the left hand Available Attributes menu. Collapse and expand clicking on the >> arrows.

Display Tools

Link toggle

Toggle for both sides of the comparison to move and zoom in sync. 

View layout

View the BOM comparison

Legend toggle

Toggle to show the legend.


In comparing one Bill of Materials with another, one can scroll through and view differences between the BOMs using the colored symbols



Missing part

Part exists but attributes do not match
Part exist with the same attributes
The number of parts match
The number of parts do not match


Parts that exist on the compare to assembly, the right side, that do not exist on the left, are listed as "Additions" at the bottom of the compare tree.

Missing Part

A missing part not only will show the red circle but will indicate this by showing the part name as "MISSING". The part counts obviously do not match as indicated by their numbers but still show as green.

Part Exists but Attributes Do Not Match

When parts exist on both sides but the attribute do not match, you'll see the green circle wrapped with orange. 

Use the MetaData Tooltips from the Tool menu to find the attributes that don't match.

Part Count Mismatch

Part count mismatches are indicated with orange squares along with the part counts inside.

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