Centro Control is a Centro Catalog feature which keeps resources—including CAD files, images, and documents—from being overwritten.

A user with appropriate permissions can check out a resource and be confident that other users cannot simultaneously make changes to the file. An audit records when the resource was initially uploaded and when edits were saved. The audit trail includes the following:

  • User name

  • Date

  • Time

  • File type

  • File name

  • File size

Check out a resource...
  1. Click the respective Checkout Resource button.

  2. Click Yes to download the resource.

Cancel a check out...

Canceling a check out unlocks the resource, thereby allowing other users access to the file.

  1. Click the respective Cancel Checkout selection.

Check in a resource...
  1. Click the respective Check in button.

  2. Browse for the new file revision and enter any tag.

  3. Click the Check In button.

The resource is now updated, unlocked, and the current version has been changed to a new version. In addition, the audit trail has been updated.

Also see Cascading Updates.

Check in Assembly...

Controlling and making changes to an entire assembly or major parts of an assembly may be important to your work process. It may also be inconvenient to check out and check in many files in the assembly individually. Use the Check in/out assembly feature to.revise groups of files in the assembly.

  1. Click the respective Check in Assembly selection.

    See Assembly Resource Manager

View revisions...
  1. Click the Version History button.

  2. View the various revisions that occurred on the resource.

  3. Select a revision to view more details.