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Centro Resource Categories

Centro introduces categories to the resource tab of a Catalog part. Categories are used to organize one's resource files so they are easier to find and/or resemble an organization's structure(s).

Centro resource categories are global entities, in other words, they appear and are available on every catalog part. 

Viewing Categories

Categories appear and are expanded if they have resources in them. If a cateogry does not contain resources then they are collapsed.

Also, by default the Hide empty Categories check box is checked, meaning all categories without resource will not appear by default.

Uncheck the Hide empty Categories check box to view all other categories.

Unassigned Category

The default category is the Unassigned category. If a category is not specified during upload via a pipeline then resources are uploaded to the Unassigned category.

When manually uploading a resource, by default they are placed in the Unassigned category.

If other categories are created, resources can be moved to those categories.

Moving Resources between Categories

Resources only exist in only one category at a time. Move resources from one category to another to help organize them.

To move a resource(s),

  1. Select the resources to move by checking the check box to the left of them.

  2. Once at least one resource is checked, new controls appear at the top of the Resources folder. Pull down the menu to select the category to move selected resources.

Managing Categories

See Managing Categories.

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