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Deleting Catalog Parts

There may be times when a Catalog part is created manually or via a pipeline and truly was not meant to be in the system. From time to time organizations feel the need to remove unnecessary Catalog parts to avoid confusion with their user base.

Centro allows through the GUI deletion of catalog parts.

NOTE: Deleting a Catalog Part that is an Assembly will NOT also delete all the associated Assembly Parts.  That has to be done individually.


Because deleting a catalog part is irreversible, before deleting a catalog part consider the following,

  • Is the Catalog part a member of a greater assembly?

  • The history of the part is deleted as well. Is there any history I need to make note of?

  • Is there anybody else in my organization that is still using the part? Have I properly communicated to users the part will be deleted?


The Part files will remain in the "CatalogResources" folder until the "CentroPool" recycles, either automatically or manually.

To delete a catalog part,

  1. Find the catalog part in question.

  2. Click on the Properties tab.

  3. Click Remove Catalog Part.

  4. Click Continue anyway on the confirmation dialog window.

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