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Emailing Pipeline Errors

Receiving notifications on pipeline job failures can help speed up an organizations resolution of errors. Centro allows pipelines to send an email for each job that fails within a pipeline.

To enable pipeline error emails, another system pipeline has been added to Centro to handle notifications. To deploy the Email Notification system pipeline, make sure the email configuration is correct for the pipeline host.

To configure a pipeline send emails on errors,

  1. Select the pipeline in the Pipeline Manager.
  2. Click on Edit Pipeline.
  3. Click Edit.
  4. Select Centro users or Centro roles to receive emails.
    1. When selecting users or roles, Centro will display a list of the first five. Use the edit box to specify a user name or role.
    2. You can configure one or more users and roles. Each user listed and each user associated with roles will be sent emails.

    3. Click on a name that exists in the list and hit Delete to remove from the list. 
  5. Click Save Changes when done.


  • For those users that are listed to receive emails, make sure their emails are correct.
  • For any pipeline, many errors may occur especially for those that process hundreds of files. This would possibly equate to receiving many emails. 
    • To prevent possibly flooding one's email server, be judicious in who is receiving emails.
    • For users that are receiving emails especially those that are receiving emails for multiple pipelines, try using Outlook Rules to filter emails to specified email folders. 

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