In order to open your Catia V5 3D RC29 files you will need to convert them to another format(PRC or Step) so you may open them in SpinFire 11.7.0 or 11.6.4. SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.1 will have Catia V5 R29 3D implemented into it, allowing you to open them without conversion workaround provided on this page. 



Unzip NewFormatsConverter zip to a suitable location on your Centro server

  • Create a Custom Pipeline with a Directory Watcher or Polling Directory Watcher trigger


Create Watched Directory : C:\Centrofolder\in\V5-6R2019 (Original Catia Files)

Create "Run Process" Action and direct "Process Path" , for example to C:\Install\newformatconverter\NewFormatsConverter.exe

Under Process Arguements set to "changed file dynamic" with an output to -out C:\Centrofolder\tmp\V5-6R2019 to create PRC to this temporary location.

If you need to bulk convert the PRC or Step Files to ACT3D you can create a 2nd pipeline to convert them to ACT3D in bulk using the CAD to SpinFire Action (shown below). Using the folder we outputted the PRC files to for this new pipeline, we can convert them all to ACT3D to another folder.

Example: Directory watcher of this ACT3D Pipeline is directed to the C:\Centrofolder\tmp\V5-6R2019 folder , then the "CAD to SpinFire" action can be created and directed to the C:\Centrofolder\ACT3D for the output folder.