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Scheduled Pipelines

 An organization may find it more convenient to have pipelines run in off hours (3:00 AM) or it may be part of their process to convert new files and changes at the end of the week. To accommodate this, scheduled pipelines are introduced.

A scheduled pipeline is denoted with a calendar icon in the list of pipelines in the pipeline manager.

Scheduling a Pipeline

To schedule pipeline events:

  1. Start a pipeline or edit a pipeline by clicking the Edit button.
  2. Towards the bottom of the Pipeline Configuration dialog, expand the Schedule Pipeline Events.
  3. Check the Start check box.
  4. Set the time of day and the days of the week the pipeline starts.

    Note: The time scheduled is based on the time of the server where Centro 7 is running.

    For example, if the server is set to the Eastern Time zone but you're in the Pacific Time zone you'll need to account for the three hour difference.

  5. Set the date to start the scheduling. 
    If the date has already passed, a first run will automatically start.
  6. Save the pipeline.
  7. Deploy the pipeline but do not start the pipeline.

Ad-hoc Running of a Scheduled Pipeline

There may be exceptions where one needs to run a scheduled pipeline outside of its schedule.

To run a scheduled pipeline off schedule:

  1. In the Pipeline Manager, click the pipeline's start button.
  2. A warning message appears. Click Start pipeline now.
  3. Remember to place the pipeline back to a Paused state once completed.

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