This tutorial walks through the steps to create a new Program in the Program Management application.

The tutorial builds on the actions taken in previous tutorials in the series.  Before completing this tutorial, you or someone in your organization should have completed:

By the end of this tutorial, you will have created a Program based on the Tutorial project template, with properties, Program team, task assignments and target start dates and due dates configured.

Before staring the tutorial, log into the APM Program Management application.

Step 1: Create a Program

  • Click the CREATE PROGRAM button in the top navigation bar.
  • In the Create Program dialog, enter "Tutorial Program" for the Program Name.
  • In the Customer input, type "ACME" for the customer name.
  • Assuming no customer named ACME was added before, a "+" button appears at the right of the customer input. Click the "+" button to add the new customer to the database. 

  • Click in the Project Template input and start typing "Tutorial". You should select the project template that was created during the tutorial "Create a Project Template in the Project Designer Tool".

  • Click SAVE.

Step 2: Setup Program Properties

You have just added a new customer called "ACME" and created a new Program. The Program Setup page for the new Program should be displayed.

All programs have a set of standard properties. Values for these properties can be entered in the program setup page. All properties are optional. In this step we will add values for Commodity, Quantity and Model Year.

  • Click the input labeled "Commodity".
  • Enter "Front Bumper" as a value.
  • If this commodity has not been used before, a "+" button will appear. Click the "+" button to add the new commodity to the database.
  • Click the input labeled "Quantity".
  • Enter 12000.
  • Scroll down to view properties under the header "Customer".
  • Click on the input labeled "Model Year".
  • Enter the value "2025".
  • Click the SAVE button at the top of the properties table.
  • Note - if you ever make a mistake while entering properties, the CANCEL button can be used to reset your changes.

You have now entered some properties against your Program. These properties are shown in the Program Home page and may be configured as columns on the All Programs page.

Step 3: Setup Tasks

An important step in setting up a new Program is to assign Tasks and set target dates for the Tasks. In this step we will assign a program task to a user, and set some target start dates and due dates for the Tasks.

Task Assignment

When a user is assigned to a task they will receive notifications about changes to that task and its outputs. While testing, be aware that people you assign might receive email notifications about tasks you assign them to.

  • Click on the WORKFLOW tab heading to view the workflow setup.
  • The first phase is selected by default, showing the tasks in that phase.
  • Assign the "Add Material Specification" task to yourself, by clicking in the Assignee input box and typing in your user name.
  • Click on the heading for phase 2, "2. Product Design & Development" and notice it shows the tasks for that phase. To assign the other tasks you would follow the same steps as above.

Setting target start dates and due dates

If a task is not completed before its due date, a warning notification is sent to the assignee. We will set a due date for the Tooling Complete task four weeks from now.

  • Click on the heading for phase 3, "3. Process Design & Development".
  • Click on the "Due Date" input for the "Tooling Complete" task.
  • A datepicker appears. Choose a date 4 weeks into the future from now.
  • Click on the "Target start date" input for the same task.
  • Choose a date 2 weeks into the future from now.

You have now set a due date and a target start date for a task.

Step 4: Set up the Program Team

You can create a program team made up of roles you specify, and assign users into those roles. In this step we will specify a Program Manager role and assign ourselves as the Program Manager.

  • Click on the TEAM tab header.
  • Click the "+" button to add a new Team Role.
  • Start typing "Program Manager". If the role does not yet exist, type the whole thing then press the "+" button that appears to add that role to the database. If the role already exists, simply select it.

  • Click SAVE to add the role to the Program.
  • The role appears in the Program team setup view. Click on the role input and select yourself as the user to assign to that role.

You have now added yourself into the Program Manager role for the program! Note: you can create your own roles, add them to the Program Team and assign them at any time.

Step 5: Setup program permissions

Program permissions are controlled via project-based authorization feature in the Actify Centro platform. Each Program has a corresponding Project in Centro through which you can manage access to the Program.

  • Click the link to access the Centro project permissions area.
  • The Centro help pages contain more details on how to configure access using project-based authorization.

Congratulations, you have just setup a new Program, including setting the program properties, assigning users to tasks, setting task due dates and setting up a program team.

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