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A PLEX Recipe Walk-Thru

The below illustrates an example Recipe from an internal Actify environment that connects with a PLEX UX test instance. 


PLEX Connection setup:

Customers would use their own private key

Check Connection is Valid

Resolve any issues until successfully Connected

Recipe Illustration:  Create Parts in PLEX

Recipe Flow

Trigger when a New Program has been created

(this provides an easy to test situation: (Customers might change this to fire on a completed Project/Phase or Task)

Obtains the correct PLEX Status value to use (write into PLEX) from a pre-populated Lookup table 

Ditto, for Part Type

Branch on a condition (this could be for ex. use a Project Property, such as Commodity)
If Yes...
Create a Part in PLEX using above Status and Type
This example just pre-pends a Ford-prefix and uses the Project Key obtained from the Trigger in Step1 as the Part Number (Ford-xxx)

Else ...
Create a Part in PLEX, using a different part-numbering prefix

Let someone know its been done

Include the generated Part number and info

from above into body of the message


Using a Lookup Table

RecipeLookup Table

Lookup tables provide flexibility for mapping terms between systems or using an informal term in the recipe that can be converted per system needs


Check the value picked up from the Trigger

Branching supports various condition types and allows for nesting or compound conditions. Loops are also possible using For Each ...

Perform PLEX Connector Action 

Update PLEX, using previously organized values. 

Create Part is one of the Actions provided by the PLEX Connector

Running & Reviewing Recipe Execution

The Jobs view for this Recipe shows that the Recipe is active ( ...Waiting..)  - will run when another Program is Created) and the execution history. Details of each can be clicked into.

Note that Recipe iterations are Versioned.

Managing Concurrent Activities (Dashboard)

The Jobs Graph on the Dashboard shows activities across the active recipes - several sets of Jobs may have run (successfully or failed) based on different use case Recipes or versions of the same Recipe

Filter options and related views provide other monitoring details

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