(Version 1.1.0-az-rc.20210813.2+27f526ad) 

SummaryAPM 1.1.0 adds six new features and a number of fixes. 


  • All Programs Page:
    • Personalize All Programs Table 
    • Overdue Task Warnings
  • Single Program Page:
    • Task Progress Dashboard 
    • Pinned Properties 
  • Single Template Page:
    • Archive Project (Program) Template  
  • Single Form Page:
    • Archive Form 

All Programs Page - Personalize All Programs Table 

All Programs Page - Overdue Task Warnings

Single Program Home Page - Task Progress Dashboard and Pinned Program Properties

Single Template Home Page - Archive Project Template

All Templates Page - Filter by Template State


  • Set Page Title when navigating to Folders pages.
  • Thumbnail selector cannot select JPG.
  • The exception is in the console when the User canceling Phase is creating.
  • Disabled links in the Project Home Area look like active links.

Known Issues (same as 1.0.0)



Jira addressing issue

The PipelineManager application are not available in the cloud version of Centro.

Can use CatalogParts to upload CAD files and then use Generate to access some of the functionality you get from Pipelines.

BOM Manager application not available in the cloud version of Centro.

During upload to a Files task output, if a user closes their browser during uploading, it is possible for the files to be added in Folders without being added as attachments on the task output

Delete the files from Folders before uploading them to the task output again

QM-1748: Add an "Add From Folders" button in the data item view

Typing "e" into a number field and saving it causes the value not to be displayed upon refresh. This will be resolved by

QM-1845: Form Data Item - Type "e" into a number field and saving it causes the value not to be displayed upon refresh

Editing a Form in Formbuilder, editing a form very quickly may result in a 404 error.

Refresh the page

QM-1306: Interacting quickly with the form designer breaks the designer

Approved Exit Gate gets stuck on Requires Review when a Task, within the same Phase, checks the requires approval.

Refresh the page

QM-1842: Exit Gate change state to Required Review when check Requires Approval for any Task

Cannot download a Centro file from Task View page with the DOWNLOAD ALL button, if the Task Output has attached a lower version than Centro.
  1. Use Location link in Task View page to navigate to Centro

  2. Enter Task Output and click DOWNLOAD or DOWNLOAD ALL

QM-2125: Impossible to download file from centro with not latest version in Task View page