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APM 1.2.1 Release Notes



APM 1.2.1 adds fixes two issues.


  • On the Workflow tab, the navigation bar becomes too long limtiing navigation when a there many phases or phase names are too long.
  • Project Template hangs when more then 100 tasks are present. It may make task selection impossible.

Known Issues 



Cannot detect a Centro Resource is deleted if the Centro Resource has more than one version.


BOM Manager application not available in the cloud version of Centro.

During upload to a Files task output, if a user closes their browser during uploading, it is possible for the files to be added in Folders without being added as attachments on the task output

Delete the files from Folders before uploading them to the task output again

Editing a Form in Formbuilder, editing a form very quickly may result in a 404 error.

Refresh the page

Deleted Centro Resources can be downloaded in APMNone - Will be resolved with Centro 7.11.2
Deleted Folder file can be downloaded in Task Output viewNone
Disabled users appear as Unknown User or as blank.N/A
Cloning the template with the max name length causes an errorUse less characters in the cloned template
It's impossible to create a task with the max length characters in template designer.Use less than 189 characters when creating the Task, then rename the Task to 200 once created.
Selecting a Form in Task Output, user cannot type in the full name of a Form, because it prevents the user from selecting a Form.Dont type in the full name of a form, only part of it, then scroll to find the Form and select it.
If the bug appears, click CANCEL and try again.
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