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APM 1.3.0 Release Notes


 APM 1.3.0 adds significant new features and improvements, in addition to multiple fixes, particularly to provide better Dashboarding, Program-Project status management and improved overall user navigation and user experience.


APM Version:  1.3.0-az-rc.20220510.1+f4ed0d64


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New Features

  • Revised All Programs Dashboard

  • New Program Dashboard

    • Provides a program-centric view, showing the associated projects with RYG color-coded status, Supergrid-enabled

    • See Program Dashboard
  • "My Tasks" and Approvals visibility

    • Enables Assignee filtering and 1-click visibility to Late or Overdue Tasks and those needing Approval
    • See Project Health Dashboard
  • A Gannt-like Timeline view

  • A Date-Adjuster to apply Delays (or Accelerations)

  • Folder & List Configurability

    • These functions are provided under the APM-Configuration menu (see below)
    • Folders
      • Admins can define a preferred folder-structure (as a Folder Template) which defines the hierarchy and folder names so that a consistent structure/naming can be used across Projects and/or Programs. Team Members cannot change this structure (but they can extend it, by adding, renaming or removing sub-folders).

    • Folders can then be applied to a Project using Project-Folders and the "Create Folders" feature, via the Asterisked Folder icon top right


  • Lists
    • Under the APM Configuration menu, Admins can define preferred or valid-value lists for Properties, to drive consistent usage across projects. The configured values then appear in the pull-down/selector list when those Properties are edited in a Project

  • Actify Automate
    • This release adds an important and powerful new capability to the APM platform for automating recuring activities within APM, or between APM and other business systems. 
      • Automate has a separate Help section.


  • Improved Project Dashboard interactivity & Legend
  • Clickable Breadcrumbs
    • A clickable multi-level breadcrumb is displayed below the header to provide program/project/task screen context. Clicking the breadcrumbs to go "back" or "up" is more reliable than using the browser "Back" button.

  • Back-dated Start Dates
    • Users can back-date Actual Start Dates, which can help when onboarding projects to APM that were already in progress

  • Supergrid flexibility
    • Users can choose which columns to display, re-arrange their sequence or re=size them interactively. Multiple columns can be sorted. Filters can be applied within column(s) by selecting listed values or text search/matching. 
    • Rows can be grouped by dragging (multiple) columns to the grouping bar header, displayed groups can be expanded or collapsed.
    • The resulting table view can be directly exported to Excel (with grouping structure) and the chosen view is retained between sessions

  • Quick Nav project access
    • The QuickNav in the header row can be used to jump to a specific project

  • Configuration Menu
    • Template and related setup functions are grouped under a Configuration menu

  • Template Improvements
    • Templates are created/edited via the Configuration Menu
    • Auto-numbered Template Phases
      • Phases are auto-numbered when added/modified in a Template, making navigation and context clearer on project tale , workflow and timeline views
    • Auto assign access when adding users via Template
      • When Users have been included/defined in a Template, they are automatically ranted applicable project permissions when a Project is created from that Template
  • Task Status Legend (icon) added to Task and Workflow screens
    • The (improved) Task Status iconography (Legend) now differentiates Milestones and items requiring Approval:


  • Legend iconography is echoed into the Workflow and Task views to provide improved context awareness and consistency

  • Select Own File for Thumbnail
    • Users can upload, or drag/drop, a local image file to use for a project Thumbnail (as an alternative to applying one from the APM Catalog) - under Project Setup
  • Tasks can be Started without Starting Outputs
    • Assignees can Start their Task without/before defining or populating the Task Outputs. This can be directly from the Project Dashboard view or the Task screen

  • Task Names can be edited via Project Setup

  • Disabled User handling
    • Users can be Disabled or de-activated, but are retained in project data and shown as "(Disabled)" 


Over 50 Fixes have been included in this release, mostly related to UI and display issues.

  • Important fixes include:

    Impossible to delete disabled user from a team
    Method appears to allow unrestricted access to all programs regardless of user permission
    Project Phase APIs allow updating Phases without write permission on the Project
    Add Output to Workflow - Does not update the Task state
    Disabled user is marked as disabled only in one team
  • And:

    Possible to set Actual Start Date later than Actual Finish Date in a task
    Disabled users break the project dashboard workflow tab
  • A detailed list of Fixes is available on request

Known Issues 



In some APM form conditions, User select list doesn't work.Recreate Form or contact Actify

Pressing 2 mouse buttons at the same time does not reset the Spinfire camera view as it should

Use the axis view or camera controls instead

In Configuration - List Editor, the Pencil icon (to Edit) does not always work properlyRefresh screen and/or click again
In Configuration - List Editor, Users can exceed the valid text length when entering a value for a property ListLimit text entries to 200 characters. (Longer entries will be truncated)
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