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APM 1.4.0 Release Notes


 APM 1.4 introduces methods for improved editing of Projects and the ability to the save those adjusted Projects as Templates for future reuse, in addition to a range of productivity improvements. 


APM Version:  1.4.0-az-qarc.20220714.2+5d1eead2


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New Features

Edit Phase Names

  • Phase Names inherited from a Template can be changed for the Active Project under Project Setup

Save As Template

  • On the fly changes made in an active Project can be applied to the Template it is based on, or Saved As a new Template

Updating the base Template

Creating a New Template from the current Project

SuperGrid Interactivity for Tasks View

  • SuperGrid features are enabled for Project tasks

Example of configuring the Tasks view SuperGrid


Actionable Task Panel

  • The Task Profile and details are included in the info panel, avoiding the need to click-into further screens
  • The Project Dashboard Task State icon is echoed in the info panel
  • Dates, Assignee, Outputs & Dependency information is included
  • Various Actions can be taken directly from the info panel, such as to Start the Task or address Approvals

Using the Task Panel

Minor UI Changes

Project Properties Tab

  • The Project Properties has been moved to a tab and condensed to maximize Project Dashboard real-estate

Project Properties Tab

Template Disabled Users Warning

  • Disabled Users are indicated when viewing Template

Template with Disabled Users in the Team


Over 20 Fixes have been included in this release, mostly related to UI and display issues, including:

All Programs Grid does not display new roles in available columns
Project Dashboard - Spinfire Web does not load unless the SpinfireWeb tab is selected
[Program Dashboard] Late to start: The "Late to Start" tasks are never displayed yellow in the "Week n" and "After week n" columns
Impossible to add newly added role as a column in All programs page
  • a detailed list of Fixes is available on request

Known Issues 

Several minor Known Issues are present in this release, such as:



[Program Dashboard] Filter: Filter in the "% Complete" column does not work correctlyAvoid filtering this column
Can create multiple Outputs with the same name

Check Output names that you create for uniqueness

Create workflow view does not update workflow view or project on the flyRefresh the screen
  • a detailed list of Known Issues is available on request
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