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APM 1.7 Release Notes



Key Changes

Prior Release


This release provides automated back-scheduling of a new Project from a Due Date and rationalizes Milestones to have a zero Duration. In addition, “dependencies” have been renamed as Inputs to streamline terminology.

Release 1.6.1

Self-Guided Walk-Thru'

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New Features


When managers create a new project, they now have the option to auto-schedule project Tasks backward from a due date, in addition to the option to forward schedule from a Start date.

Scheduling from the due date will automatically create the project timeline working backward from the due date of the project while taking into consideration all durations and dependency relationships saving program managers valuable time in setting up projects.

Note: Auto-scheduled project are created in a Draft state. Once “Started” (from Project Setup), the Project becomes Active and cannot be auto-scheduled again.


Dependencies Renamed As Inputs

The make terminology consistent, Tasks now can have Inputs and Outputs. Inputs have a dependency-type: Finish-to-Start (F2S) or Finish-to-Finish (F2F)

Entry Gate simplification

Each Phase of a Project has an Entry Gate automatically created by the system to enable inter-Phase and Task connectivity, which are not user-editable. The system now hides the Entry Gates (in Project Setup) to avoid confusion.

Task Target Date Completeness

When a Project is created, it is auto-scheduled based on the project template used, i.e. every Task has a Target Start and Target Finish date set. It is possible for the user to subsequently clear some of those Target Start or Finish dates, or to add a new Task without Target dates set, which would result in a Project with an incomplete or inconsistent schedule.

To manage this, the system now checks for and prevents the user from finishing set up of the project if any Tasks lack Target Dates, i.e. the user must manually populate any missing Target dates to complete Setup.

Milestones have Zero Durations

  • Milestones are treated as having zero duration (which is not-editable) so that they Start and Finish the same day. Users can set the Target Finish date (only) for a Milestone.

  • The default Duration for a (non-Milestone) Task is 1 day.

Existing Milestone migration:

  • Please note that any existing Milestones in any Projects that have different Start/End Target dates and/or non-zero Duration, will be updated to have Target Start the same as Target Finish, with zero Duration.


Key Fixes in this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Key Fixes in this release

Users added into a Project created from a Team definition in the Template are now automatically granted Project access

Project Properties now scroll properly

Known Issues 

Key Known Issues with this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Note: A screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is often a successful workaround for apparent issues.

Key Known Issues in this release

Autoloader: Users can include 2D files which will be ignored and/or not rejected by the Autoloader

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