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About Actify APM

APM (Automotive Program Management) is Actify's solution for successfully and efficiently managing the program lifecycle for automotive suppliers, with a goal of improving collaboration effectiveness, status visibility and management, so that program capacity is freed up to support more business activity and programs complete on-track and to-plan. Lessons Learned from the data built up can be applied to improving the process and future performance.

APM comprises:

  • Actify Program Management
    • a Phase-Gate process application for organizing and supporting the collaboration of the Team Members with responsibilities to the program, or project. 
  • Actify APM Platform
    • a uniquely CAD-smart subsystem based on Actify Centro, that provides embedded 3D visualization and a version-aware data store so that program activity can be linked to the defining CAD-based OEM end-item requirements and the related engineering work for tooling and fixtures
  • Actify Automate
    • a recipe-based solution for automating recurring tasks within APM or coordinating dataflow between APM and other business systems, such as ERP

By reinforcing consistent and preferred or best practices for program collaboration and execution, APM helps unify the organization and reduce the learning curve for participants, making it easier for the business to both retain and recruit talent across the company who can better focus on supporting competitive advantage for the supplier.

A further explanation of the key Concepts of the APM solution is provided at APM Concepts & Terms along with What's New information describing the latest releases. 

In short, APM helps the program team focus on what needs to be done so they can do it well, rather than losing time and clarity to determining status and struggling to coordinate change and track communications across the team. provides background information on the company, our history and experience in automotive that is behind the APM solution.

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