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Creating Recipes

Actify provides standard recipes including Example Recipes that can be used as a base for creating recipes specific to your particular needs.

Make a copy first

Example recipes should be cloned and must be edited before use to configure connections and customer-specific settings.

Clone a Recipe

The "Clone" feature can be used to copy one of the Actify example recipes to use as a starting point for your own recipe.

How to clone a Recipe

Calling a Recipe Function

In addition, Actify provides Recipe Function examples. These are "callable" recipes that are crafted by Actify to address common use cases with greater convenience, taking care of some data mapping and error handling concerns so you don't have to include them in your own recipe. To use a recipe function, include the "Recipe function by Workato" connector in your own recipe.

The example recipe “Use Create Projects” provides an example of calling the “Create Projects” recipe function:

Calling a Recipe Function

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