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Getting Started

To get started using the Program Management application we recommend reviewing the following content:


Follow the interactive user guide to get started with Actify APM. This section covers:

Log in access to APM

Actify Automotive Program Management is accessible via web browser anywhere there is internet; gaining access to part design and engineering information, without logging into multiple software systems and without resorting to email and spreadsheets.

Regarding security concerns, our cloud-based solutions ensure segregation of tenant data through:

  • Separate databases for each tenant, each using independent authentication credentials.

  • Separate tenant-specific domain for each tenant to access services.

  • Separate subnets for each tenant, using Network Security Group to ensure the appropriate level of network isolation.

  • Separate file storage per customer.

Adjustable Dashboards

Once you are are logged into APM take advantage of adjusting the dashboards to display what is most valuable for you.

  • Users can choose which columns to display, re-arrange their sequence or resize them interactively. Multiple columns can be sorted. Filters can be applied within column(s) by selecting listed values or text search/matching.

  • Rows can be sub-categorized by dragging (multiple) columns to the grouping bar header, displayed groups can be expanded or collapsed.

  • The resulting table view can be directly exported to Excel (with grouping structure) and the chosen view is retained between sessions.

Email Notifications for Completing Tasks

You will receive an email notification any time a task is assigned to you, a task is impacted by a dependency, needs approval or review. Enabling users to be informed project status and held accountable to complete tasks on time.

Get Notified:

  • When a task is assigned to the user that was assigned the task.

  • When a new task is created email all the chain of people that are affected by following the dependencies.

  • When a task the due date for the task is close.

  • When we identify any “abnormalities” in the workflow (maybe users want to add rules in the workflow).

  • When a blocked task becomes available for the assignee because the dependencies are completed.

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