To get started using the Program Management application we recommend the following steps:

  • Review the APM Terms & Concepts

  • Setup roles and users, optionally importing users and groups from your existing LDAP-enabled directory system

  • Complete the APM Suite: Program Management Tutorials

  • Remember that Projects are created from Templates (see Template Editing):

    • consider creating a simple Template and experimenting with Projects created from it. Changes made to the Project can be Saved back to the original Template or a new one.

    • based on experience, then focus on establishing at least one well-defined Template to capture intended process flow.

Setting up users and groups

Actify APM Suite is built on the Centro platform. User and Role management is supported in the Centro Admin Area. See Setting Up Users & Groups


We recommend completing the Program Management Tutorials which are designed to get your started with using the application including building Form Configurations to use in your workflows, designing program templates, setting up a new Program and navigating and managing tasks and task outputs in the Program area.