• An RYG color-coded progress and status dashboard for a program and its associated projects which highlights level of completion, upcoming milestones and milestones achievement status

  • Flexible viewing options allow for different groupings to provide a flexible level of detail

Navigate to this Dashboard by clicking the link symbol

from the All Programs Dashboard:


By Default, the Dashboard shows the Projects associated to this Program, grouped by the Template each project was created from. Users can move or change this grouping by selecting/dragging (multiple) columns to the Group bar, for example to group by those with Overdue Tasks, or Status. Users can also rearrange and resize the columns, sort by them and filter the data further using search in any column. 

For each Project in the Program, Status, %-Completion and Overdue are shown, along with a 4-week "look-ahead", using week numbers, from the current week. Each Week column tabulates the number of Tasks due for that week. If any of these are "behind" (Late to Start), an Alert icon with a tooltip provides more information. As these are "future" weeks, APM knows if they are Late to Start (or haven't been Started at all) and are therefore at risk of finishing Late. 

The last two columns collate the (Earliest Actual Start vs Earliest Target Start) and (Latest Actual Finish vs Latest Target Finish) as a measure of overall project timeliness; more detail is available on the (hyperlinked) Project Dashboard, especially using the graphical Timing tab view.


The Task Progress shown the %-Complete (of all Tasks for that Project row) and is shown proportionally colored green. 

Week columns are color-coded as follows to indicate how on-track or "behind" the Project appears to be:

GreenNone of the Tasks due to Finish that week are "behind" (Late to Start): 1010 are due, none are "behind"
Yellow< 10% of these Tasks are Late to Start2121 are due, at most 2 are "behind"

10% of these Tasks are Late to Start

2020 are due, 2 or more are "behind"

The Overdue Tasks is similarly color-coded for those Tasks due to-date, i.e. the number of Tasks that should have been Finished by now but are not.