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Project Health Dashboard

Actify Learning Center | Introduction to Actify APM | Project Dashboard (2:07)

Watch this overview to learn about the Project Dashboard.

Project Dashboard (2:07)

The Project Dashboard provides the overall health of the project. Alternate (Tab) views of a Project with color-coding and filtering to make it easy to focus on items for which a Team Member is responsible or that need attention, or to see the Project’s Workflow, Timeline or associated 3D visualization.

Each Tab presents different aspects of the Project:

  • Overview (default): color-coded Task status by Phase, highlighting Tasks that need attention

  • Tasks: A configurable table view of Tasks, by Phase, for viewing Task details and properties. (Previously labelled Workflow)

  • Timing: A Gantt-like chart of the project schedule in a calendar view. This also provides a Date Adjusting feature for applying delays

  • Project Details: A panel view of the Project-level properties or attributes, such as related reference IDs, Quantity or Customer information.

  • Team: The Users assigned to/with access to this Project and their Roles

  • SpinFire Web: An in-browser 3D interactive visualization of the assembly (or Part) associated to tis Project, (typically the deliverable end-item)

Overview Tab

This provides an expandable view of all the Phases and Tasks in a Project with 1-click filtering to see items by Assignee or Status, making it easy to see only “My Tasks” and/or those in a particular Status. Tasks/Milestones are color-coded to show their Status and highlight those that require attention.

Status Tiles

Clicking on a Tile filters the displayed Tasks/Milestones, so that only those with the given Status are colored while the others are shown “dimmed".  By default, the %-Complete tile is selected so that all Tasks/Milestone are highlighted.   

For example, clicking the Missed Finish Date Tile filter would highlight those four Tasks that are not Finished and whose Planned Finish Date has already passed.



  • Tasks are shown as rounded rectangles, Milestones are shown as diamonds

  • Items have a red border if they are Overdue or Late to Start

  • Items Pending Approval are shown Yellow

  • Items are Grey/Grey-Green/Green for Ready to Start/Started/Finished

  • Items Requiring Review are flagged with an “!”

  • Notes

    • an Item is “Requires Review” if at least 1 Output Requires Review

    • an Item is “Pending Approval” if at least 1 Output requires Approval

    • an Item is shown as Pending Approval if both Pending Approval and Requires Review apply

Assignee Chooser

By default, ALL Assignees are selected so that all Tasks/Milestone are highlighted. If a specific user or set of users are selected, only those Tasks/Milestones assigned to those Users are highlighted. By selecting oneself, a Team Member can quickly focus on those Tasks/Milestones or Approvals assigned to them, providing a “My Tasks” view.

With a specific Assignee Selected, only their Tasks are fully colored, the rest are dimmed:                    

Tasks Tab

A Phase-separable table view of the Tasks in each Phase with Status, Assignee and key Dates. Task details can be inspected/edited from here. 

This Tab employs the Supergrid to provide each user the ability to configure (and reuse) their preferred layout. The Supergrid provides for:

  • Grouping - rows can be nested (to multiple levels) by a Property, ex. to group Tasks by Phase, then Status

  • Sorting & Filtering: A column or property can be sorted or filtering by label or value - or by a matching value. Sorts and Filters can be applied to a Property before it is Group'd (so the Group applies them too)

  • Sizing & Sequencing: A column or property can be drag/drop moved (re-sequenced), dynamically re-sized. 

  • Included/Hidden: Columns can be /added/removed (included/hidden) from the view

The configured view is retained session-to-session for that user.

Timing Tab

Provides a Gantt-style timeline view of the Project, its Phases and subsidiary Tasks/Milestones. By Default the project is displayed with Phases “closed”; users can expand/collapse Phases to see the timeline detail for the Tasks/Milestones in that Phase. Also, users can expand/shrink the timeline “zoom”, level, to see Timing by Day/Week/Month.

Phase or Task bars are color-coded by Status/Completion, consistent with the Overview page color-coding

The resulting Timing view can be exported as a graphic to PDF or with detailed information to Excel

Date Adjustments

Delays or Accelerations can be applied for downstream Project dates, with scope control to limit such changes to some or all of the incomplete Phases in the Project. 

Select an effective date:


Define the adjustment:


The Confirm screens summarizes what will be impacted:

Project Details

This summarizes the properties or attributes associated, such as Customer, Commodity or Quantity, to the project in a panel view:

The customer-configurable properties and their valid-values are defined under Configuration > Lists : 

Team Tab

Shows the defined Roles for the Project team and the Users (including ay Disabled ones) in those Roles. 

The User-Role assignments can be modified using Project Setup:

Note that the master List for valid Team Roles is defined under Configuration > Lists > Team Roles: 

Spinfire Tab

Provides an in-browser 3D view of the associated part/assembly for this Project. Users can change their viewing mode (position/angle, color-coding etc), perform sectioning and measurements and annotate their views - which can then be shared through the visualizer for discussions (Comments) with other users.

See Spinfire Web

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