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The PLEX Connector

The PLEX ERP connector is developed by Actify and provides a means to connect to one or more PLEX UX instances.


PLEX Connections are per-Customer

Connections using the PLEX ERP Connector must be configured by the end user, using their own private PLEX API key.


The PLEX ERP Connector provides the following triggers for recipes:

  • New/updated Purchase Order Releases - triggers when a Purchase Order Release is created or updated in Plex


The PLEX ERP Connector provides the following actions for recipes:

  • Create Part - Create a new Part in Plex

  • List Parts - List Plex Parts by query parameters

  • Create Operation - Create a new Part Operation, one step in a Process Routing

  • List Operations - List Operations by query parameters

  • Create BOM component - Create a new BOM Component in Plex

  • List Purchase Orders - List Purchase Orders by query parameters

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