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The Project Sidebar

The (closable) Sidebar on the left of the Project Dashboard provides several key features:

(Project) Folders: 

  • A view of the (configurable) Project folder structure set up for capturing Task Outputs or other project-relevant materials that are not managed in the Catalog (which manages part/assembly data and their related CAD files).

  • Templates for Project Folder structures are defined under Configuration > Folders. A Folder Template can be applied to one or more Projects, so that different Projects can have different structure

Library (Folders)

Note that there are also Library folders which are global (common) across all projects and provide an ideal place to store and share policies/practices and Task guidance documentation or reference worksheets/fillable-docs to be used when creating certain Outputs.

  • The Library can be accessed via the Library icon in the application header. Additional sub-folders can be added through that view, (if Permissions allow):


The Autoloader Wizard enables users to:

  • Register (load) assemblies, in a variety of CAD formats, into the Catalog.

    • Uploads, processing, and related visualization-file generation occurs automatically in the background

  •  Monitor Autoloader progress and/or validation errors

  •  Combine and submit multiple CAD/assembly files under an optional Bundle name for reason capture

  • Submit revised assemblies resulting in versioned entries which can drive impacted Task notifications

  • Browse the log of assembly update action history

Autoloader Wizard

Status Screen

This shows the progress and processing stage of each Bundle (for that Project).

  • click the relevant Bundle to review status, progress to the next Step or review results details

Step 1. Click New Bundle.

  • Select the input files:

  • (Upload progress is shown)

  • Note the Wizard can be closed while processing; the user can return to monitor/review progress at a later time and continue to the next step(s).

At this step, additional files can be added, or uploaded files deleted/replaced

  • Click NEXT to go to Step 2 (or further modify the Bundle).

Step 2. With the files Uploaded, Submit them for Processing.

  • Click BEGIN PROCESSING (or BACK to revise the Bundle)

  • The Autoloader will evaluate/validate the files and organize them for automatic background loading and visualization file generation

  • Processing progress is reported as it occurs.

    • Depending on assembly scale and file sizes, processing can take some time to complete. (User can Close the window and return later)

    • As an example, The SeaScooter assembly (43 files, ~15Mb) takes a few mins for the user to select and submit, and ~25 mins in elapsed time to be loaded to the Catalog along with automated generation of the ACT3D Visualization files (for SpinFire), SFW files (for SpinFire Web) and an assembly level Thumbnail (which can then be set as the Project Thumbnail via Project Setup)

Step 3. Click Next to review the processing Results

  • Processing Errors will be shown here

  • Assuming the Bundle was processed successfully, the Assembly, its Parts and their respective visualization files (Derived Resources) can then be viewed in the Catalog.

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