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Using Connectors

Connectors provide authenticated access to systems. Connections are setup once using a Connector and then that Connection can be used by one or more recipes.

Connection Status

The status of Connections (that have been setup, i.e. exist) is shown under Assets > Connections: 


  • Connections, such as to PLEX or other systems, won't appear in Assets until they have been Setup (Created).   
  • After first use of the Connector, it will show in Assets as Connected or as having Errors  -these may be due to incorrect setup properties, invalid credentials or because the credentialled connector "user" has insufficient permissions to access the data in question.
  • Connections may expire, depending on the authentication conditions and may need to be periodically re-connected.
  • Successful recipe execution depends on having a valid and connected Connection.

Connection Setup

Using Create Connection, users can select from the available Workato library of Connectors to create a Connection, including for the Actify-provided Connectors (for APM, PLEX UX)

Further information about available Connectors can be found at:


  • Connection setup typically requires a Shared Secret and other IT information. The info panel lists the Connection status, the recipes that use this Connection and recent activity details.

See the Provided Connector information for setting up Actify Connectors.

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