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APM 1.10 Release Notes



Key Changes

Prior Release


Key improvements provide improved efficiency and stronger governance, with faster large project performance and improved Task Mgmt. Discipline

Fix Notes: 1.9.2, 1.9.1

Prior Release: APM 1.9 Release Notes


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Actify APM 1.10 – Release Highlights revB .pdf


Large Project Speed

Speed has been improved by 4-6X for efficient operation with larger projects involving hundreds of tasks.  Initial project creation is now typically completed in less than a minute and most editing activities operate with interactive speed.

Task Mangement Discipline

Improved levels of control determine who can perform which Task functions or actions and when these can be performed:

  • Only Task Assignees can start a task or set it as completed or are able to submit them for approval.

  • Tasks can no longer be (set as) completed until the required inputs are also competed., ensuring that critical data is not overlooked.  

    • i.e.. Inputs with an explicit F2S or FSF dependency must be in a completed/approved state for a Task before it can be set as Completed and/or submitted for Approval

  • The system has been updated to prevent tasks in an Active project from being deleted (via project Setup) if the Task has been Started.

    • This is a preventive measure to ensure that the project schedule structure is maintained and protected from inadvertent edits.

  • The project Delay and Expedite functions have been streamlined to only be available on projects that are in either an Active or Hold status.

    • The Delay/Expedite feature is useful for applying an (partial) adjustment to an already scheduled or in-flight project as it moves those tasks occurring after a specified date forward or backwards in time by an interval period, such as when a 1 week delay needs to be applied in say the next quarter.

Usability Improvements

RBD display in Timeline view

The recently added Required By Dates (RBD) feature has been enhanced to use a transparent mode when overlayed on the project timeline in the Timing views, becoming solid under a mouse-over for better readability. See APM 1.9 Release Notes for more about RBDs.

RBDs in Program View

RBDs in Project- Timing View

Program RBDs (see Program Properties for setup or editing)

Hovering over a (semi-transparent) RBD turns it solid

Project Activation Email

The Project Activation email notification has been updated to prevent users linking directly from the email to the various tasks they have been assigned.

This change prevents tasks from being accidentally started prematurely and coupled with the increased Task Discipline controls provides improved governance and more accurate dashboard status.

Template Updating (in Setup)

Project template information has been moved in project Setup, from the Timing tab to the Project Properties tab (including the ability to create a template, or update the current template based on lessons learned.

Template Actions in Project Setup - Properties tab


Key Fixes in this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Key Fixes in this release

Project Dashboard: Task (lozenges) for Overdue tasks are now displayed in the correct sequence-number order position.

Project Dashboard: Tasks in a Required Review state now correctly display the “!” mark without requiring a page refresh/re-opening.

Project Create & Setup: Slowness or time-out issues arising from creating or editing large Projects or Projects with more than 80 tasks in a Phase have been resolved.

Project Setup: Tasks Start/Finish Actuals were not always displayed/populated in the Timing view for Tasks that were updated in the same session as the project has been created in.

Known Issues 

Key Known Issues with this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Note: A screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is often a successful workaround for apparent issues.

Key Known Issues in this release

Project-Setup: Under some circumstances when editing an Active Project, some Task edit functions can appear as disabled, such as for editing dependencies or changing Task/Milestone type. Contact Actify if this situation arises

Template Editing: Changing the status of multiple Tasks/Milestones at once can cause an “being edited by someone else” error. (Workaround: select/edit a smaller number of tasks at once)

Library: A user who does not have “Manage permissions” rights can change permissions on a newly-added file (Workaround: Allow some time - correct permissions usually take effect but can sometimes be delayed when a file has just been added/set)

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