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APM 1.5.1 Release Notes


This release provides usability Improvements, especially for Template editing and Fixes to Known Issues


APM Version: Version 1.5.1-az-rc.20221202.27+05a79b54


Assembly Autoloader

  • Column filtering options have been simplified

  • Permissions are enforced so that users cannot inappropriately Open Catalog items

Template Edit & Phase Numbering

  • In the Template Editor, Tasks are shown with a Phase-Number prefix, when viewing the Task list or choosing them when adding Dependencies

  • When adding Dependencies, the Phase - Task - Output choosers work progressively, showing the choices that apply per the prior choice.

  • Gates now include their Phase number


Multiple fixes have been included in this release, mostly related to UI and display issues, including:

Issue Summary

Correct Exit Gate and Phase number display in the Template Network View

Template Editor - Import screen freezing has been resolved

Occasional Autoloader bundle processing not terminating has been resolved

Read Ony users incorrectly allowed to create New Bundles in Autoloader

Autoloader Status are updated more frequently to remove confusing “Waiting” messages

Assignees are properly shown in Project Dashboard- Timing tab

Users can now properly apply filters to Start and Finish Dates in the Project Dashboard- Timing tab

The Earliest/Latest Date columns in the Program Dashboard do not disappear after Target Start or Finish dates are edited

  • a detailed list of Fixes is available on request

Known Issues 

Several minor Known Issues are present in this release. For the majority, a screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is a successful workaround.

  • a detailed list of Known Issues is available on request

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