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APM 1.6.1 Release Notes


This is a narrow Fix release to resolve 2 issues with Release 1.6; Users should review the 1.6 Release Notes to understand the new features and improvements therein.


APM Version: Version 1.6.1-az-rc.20230207.8+90dde746


Issue Summary

When users not operating in the Eastern Time Zone used the Date Adjustment feature, Task dates could be adjusted incorrectly by one day.

The Template Editor did not always ensure that there were not conflicting dependencies when one task depended on more than one output from a single source Task

  • a detailed list of Fixes is available on request

Known Issues 

Several minor Known Issues are present in this release. For the majority, a screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is a successful workaround.

  • a detailed list of Known Issues is available on request

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