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APM 1.9.2 Release Notes



Key Changes

Prior Release


Minor Improvements related to Task governance

1.9.1 Release Notes (Fix Only)


Only Task Owners can Start and Complete Tasks

The change ensures that only the user assigned to a Task can Start or Complete it.

Specifically, The Task Owner is the only user that can:

  • click the Start Button

    • on a Task

    • on Outputs of that Task

  • click the Set As Ready button

  • click the Change Required / No Change Required buttons


  • Other users will still be able to SAVE a form, or edit files. i.e. Start an Output by interacting with the Output itself.

  • Task Assignees or Managers with Setup access can re-assign a Task.

Tasks Cannot be Completed if there are Incomplete Inputs

This change implements a rule to ensure that tasks cannot be Set As Ready if the Task depends on Inputs that are not in an Approved (Completed) status

The rule considers Inputs that have explicit dependencies, and disables the Set As Ready button when the condition exists:

The rule Considers:

  • Inputs that are F2F or F2F

  • All such inputs must be Approved/Completed to perform Set As Ready

The rule does Not consider:

  • Inputs with Optional dependency

  • Inputs coming from Entry Gates

A user may see a disabled Set As Ready button because:

  • one or more of the explicitly dependent Inputs are not in an Approved/Completed status

  • they are not the task Assignee

Revised Project Activation Notification Emails

The auto-generated emails sent to Task Owners when a project is activated include hyperlinked Program, Project entries and a (list of) their assigned Tasks with supporting details. For some projects or assignees, this can be a lengthy list.

To help reduce the likelihood of Tasks being accidentally started prematurely, hyperlinks are not included on those Tasks that have a Target Start date in the future.

Note that this does not prevent early Starts - Owners can navigate to these Tasks and then Start them.

A good practice for users receiving these emails would be to click the included link to the Project, and from the Project Dashboard, use the Assignee-filtering chooser to review the set of Tasks assigned to them, from the Status, Tasks or Timing alternate views, in the context of the project as a whole. (i.e. before visiting specific Tasks in detail)

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