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APM 2.1 Release Notes



Key Changes

Prior Release


Assistive Scheduler is now even more powerful with a flexible Undo/Redo stack and the ability to edit Inputs while modifying the schedule. Additional usability changes improvements group all schedule editing features together and improved notifications keep the team informed of changes to their Tasks.

Prior Release: APM 2.0 Release Notes


Interactively explore the changes in this release. Highlights Walk-Thru

User Guide

Self-paced interactive Guides for each of the APM key functional areas are available in the Actify Learning Center


Table of Contents


Actify APM 2.1 – Release Highlights revB.pdf


Assistive Scheduler

Flexible Undo/Redo Stack

AS now provides a flexible Undo/Redo stack so that the Project Manager can Undo the prior or multiple prior edits, and/or Redo “undone” changes so that alternative schedule scenarios can be more readily explored and iterated offline, prior to applying them to the Active plan.

Unified Action Bar

The AS Action Bar now integrates all the project/schedule modification features including Undo, Change Log viewing, the Delay and Expedite function as well as the Abort or Publish actions.

Action Bar in Gantt-viewing mode:

Action Bar in Change Log-viewing mode:

Note that the Reschedule button appears in the Action Bar for Projects in a Draft state (to allow the creation of the initial schedule for a project)

Action Bar for a Draft project

Input Editing

While in AS, users can now add/modify the Inputs to a Task or delete them, so that problematic constraints that restrict re-scheduling flexibility can be adjusted or important new dependencies added to ensure the go-forward schedule meets the business requirements.

Changes to Inputs are also captured in the Change Log and can be undone via the Undo Stack


Consolidated Task Change Notification

Improved messaging functionality keeps all relevant team members up to speed when changes to the Active plan occur. When a data adjustment is made to a Task by a PM or via Assistive Scheduler, Task Owners receive a single, consolidated email summarizing the changes made and the impact to their assigned Tasks.

Performance Improvements

Internal upgrades provide better UI speed, especially for larger tables or Gantt chart rendering and the All Programs dashboard.


Key Fixes in this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Key Fixes in this release

Maximum duration: Users can no longer set Target Finish Dates out by more than the allowed max. duration (730 days/2 years).

Start Button: This no longer appears on a Task if the user is not the Assignee.

Known Issues 

Key Known Issues with this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Note: A screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is often a successful workaround for apparent issues.

Key Known Issues in this release

My Dashboard: Project State may (incorrectly) be blank in the Projects table.

Auto Loader: Pipelines may fail if the target Project was renamed whilst the Autoloader was in process.

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