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APM 2.2.2 Release Notes



Key Changes

Prior Release


Assistive Scheduler is now even more powerful with a flexible Undo/Redo stack and the ability to edit Inputs while modifying the schedule. Additional usability changes improvements group all schedule editing features together and improved notifications keep the team informed of changes to their Tasks.

Prior Release: 2.2.1

User Guide

Self-paced interactive Guides for each of the APM key functional areas are available in the Actify Learning Center


Table of Contents


Actify APM 2.2.2 – Release Highlights .pdf




Topic or Feature


Screenshot or Details


Saving current Durations

When a Template is created, or an existing Template is updated from an Active Project, the Template’s task durations are set according to their current values in the project. This means users can then create further projects that match the task setup of a current, working project using the (updated) Template as a master.  

This is especially useful when PMs have been making changes to meet real-world requirements in a working project using Assistive Scheduler.

The User Experience for Template Create or Save As remains the same.

Saving Current Roles

When a Template is created or updated from an Active project, the Task Role assignments of the current project are applied to the Template, so that any new projects created from the Template will follow the same Role usage.  


Key Fixes in this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Key Fixes in this release

Long Phase names are now truncated properly in the Gantt chart view (Timing tab)

Baseline dates (shown in orange in Timing views) are now correctly set when a Project is Started

Errors are no longer generated by the Gantt view in the Timing tab if one of the program’s RBDs corresponds to “today”

Known Issues 

A detailed list is available on request.

Note: A screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is often a successful workaround for apparent issues.

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