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APM 2.2.4 Release Notes



Key Changes

Prior Release


This release adds a Delete Task option in Assistive Scheduler to complete its capabilities for evaluating and implementing complex changes to an active’s Project’s plan and schedule, along with improvements for My Dashboard to better illustrate Project’s applicable for the Dashboard user.

APM 2.2.3 Release Notes

User Guide

Self-paced interactive Guides for each of the APM key functional areas are available in the Actify Learning Center


Table of Contents


Actify APM 2.2.4 – Release Highlights .pdf


New Features


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Assistive Scheduler

Delete Task option

The new Delete Task Option extends the range of capabilities available for PMs to evaluate  - and when ready, Publish  - a series of possible changes to an Active’s project’s schedule, Task configuration and timing.  Changes made during evaluation are applied to impacted downstream tasks, with impacted tasks color-highlighted and edits captured in a complete Change Log. During evaluation, users can undo specific changes and iterate the plan until it better meets the project objectives or constraints.


The Delete option is disabled if other Tasks depend on its Outputs or are subject to Approval.



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My Dashboard

Active Project Focus

My Dashboard now focuses the content on Active Projects and improves the filtering for Missed Start or Finish dates.

Team Management

Role Names

Edits to the name of a Role can be made when editing a Template in the Teams tab and are applied across the Template to Workflow and Tasks, including Approvals.


Key Fixes in this release are below. A detailed list is available on request.

Key Fixes in this release

Further Information

Unable to delete task in Tasks tab, Project Setup.

Feature moved/removed: Tasks can be deleted in Draft Projects in the Assistive Scheduler only.

Starting a Project may not apply schedule changes

Issues with un-applied Assistive Scheduler changes have been resolved.

All Programs Supergrid not saving for user(s)

Supergrid settings are now persisted even if user does not have a role not mapped to the Project.

Deleting Output that is an Input breaks timing (AS) tab

Users are prevented from deleting an Output, if Assistive Scheduler is active, ie (ex. with another user).

Known Issues 

A detailed list is available on request.

Note: A screen refresh or repeating the action after a refresh is often a successful workaround for apparent issues.

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