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Creating and Managing Projects

Follow the series Introduction to Actify APM Tutorial to learn the basics of APM Program Management..


Follow the interactive user guide to get started with Actify APM. This section covers:

Creating Programs

Multiple projects in Actify APM can be grouped under a Program Name or Program Number. Thus, when creating projects in APM the author will need to associate the project under a program.

Creating Projects

Projects are the primary organizing vehicle in APM, providing a flexible stage-gate approach for managing key program management processes. Projects are created from Templates for efficiency and consistency. These templates comprise of Phases, with entry/exit gates. Phases comprise of Tasks and/or Milestones, which are the “unit of work” in a project; and which create Outputs (the result of the Task).

Update project team members and task target start date

Projects are constantly evolving due to high project demands and evolving team members. Once a project has started APM allows a team administrator to update the team members as someone may no longer be on the team. And, given that tasks start dates may be impacted due to a change, Project Settings are provided to make these changes.

Update Workflow Template

As projects evolve over time based on lessons learned or changes to technology, tasks need to be updated. APM enables project administrators to update the project workflow templates, also giving the ability to make slight variations based on minor differences such as standards a different plant locations.

Uploading thumbnail images to projects

Thumbnail images are used to help the reader identify projects and thus can be seen directly in the All Programs Dashboard project list.

Uploading 3D CAD data for visualization

3D models can be made visible on projects enabling participants to quickly visualize and identify important parts and assemblies.

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