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Setting Up APM (APM Configurations and Templates)

Follow the series Introduction to Actify APM Tutorial to learn the basics of APM Program Management..


Follow the interactive user guide to get started with Actify APM. This section covers:

APM Forms

Actify enables project members to fill out custom forms at the task input level. For any number of use cases to fill out information or respond to questions. Some examples include creating a generic component datasheet, capturing customer contact details in a consistent manner, or maintaining a simple checklist to be signed off after an important Program meeting.

Folder Structures

Your team may already be using some sort of folder hierarchy structure to store specific types of documents. APM enables you to build that standard folder hierarchy structure directly within APM, making it easily accessible on the cloud - as opposed to being stored on some local or network drive.

Project Property (Lists)

A Master List is provided in the database to store common values. Thus, when a Project Manager creates a project they will be able to fill out the project property information based on the selections already stored in the database. Such as division location, the commodity the project is regarding, the customer name, regions, etcetera.

Project Workflow Templates

A Project is configured from a Template, which define the Workflow or Phase/Gate and Task structure of a Project. Admins can define (Project) Templates so that a consistent structure is followed for a set of projects, such as those in a specific program or related to a specific customer.

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