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Follow the series Introduction to Actify APM Tutorial to learn the basics of APM Program Management.

Introduction to Actify APM

Actify Learning Center

You will need to first have an account to access the tutorials. To do this, see How to Request Access to Actify Learning Center.

Request access here: Actify Learning Center (Customer Name + User Registration required)

To get started with the APM Tutorials follow the steps in our Using the Interactive User Guide walk through.

By the end of the tutorial, you should be able to:

  • Setup customised form configurations to capture user inputs for a variety of use cases

  • Setup folder structures for storing files

  • Manage lists for project properties

  • Create or modify a project workflow templates, complete with phases, tasks, task outputs and dependencies

  • Setup a new program in the Program Management application, including task assignments, timing, team roles and permissions

  • Navigate the Program area to manage tasks and task outputs

  • Upload thumbnail images and 3D CAD for visualization in SpinFire Web

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