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User Management

Admin Area

Participants who need access to projects are to be managed within the Admin area. These participants can be manually added locally, imported via LDAP configuration, or setup with Azure AD. 

Once a user has been created, they should have a display name, username, email and password established in the system. They are then assigned specific roles and permissions. Roles can be defined on the next tab. Roles, can help manage multiple user permissions from a role perspective. Once defined, the role can be assigned to the individual users back under the Users tab. 

User and Role management are managed under the Centro Admin Area.

See System Administrator section of Introduction to Actify APM Tutorial for more information.


To setup Roles:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area.

  2. Click on the Roles tab.

  3. Click Create new role to create a new role.

  4. Check the appropriate permissions per role.

  5. Repeat these steps for additional roles.

Once roles are configured, enter in users. If your organization decided to use LDAP, configure LDAP before manually entering users to avoid duplicates:

Local Users

To manually enter users:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Area.

  2. Click on the Users tab.

  3. Click Create new user to create a new user.

  4. Enter the Display Name (name that appears in the user interface).

  5. Enter the Username (name used to login).

  6. Enter the user's Email address.

  7. Enter a Password (passwords must be at least 7 characters).

  8. Select the Role(s) or individual permissions.

  9. Click Create.

LDAP Users

See LDAP Configuration (under Centro Help) to see how to setup LDAP

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