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You can generate CAD derivative files (png, ACT3D, SpinFire Web, and CAD2CAD) at any given moment based on a native CAD file uploaded to the Catalog.This need may occur when you update a file manually or upload a new CAD file to the Centro Catalog.

To set options and generate files,

  1. Click on the menu for a CAD file.
  2. Select Generate....
    The options are listed below per operation. The options are saved and used when using the Generate Now feature.

To generate files without viewing / setting options,

  1. Click on the menu for a CAD file.
  2. Select Generate Now.


 Generate Thumbnail
Camera Standard ViewSelect a predefined view to set the camera (none, ISO, YX, XY, YZ, ZX, ZY)
Background colorSet the two colors used in the gradient background color.
Tip: select the same color twice for a solid background
Image resolutionThe resolution used when producing the image (default: 640x480).
Transparent backgroundSelect to have a transparent background
Image Autofit CameraSelect for the image to fit the camera view.
Camera DefaultUse the default view for the camera view found in the CAD file.
 Generate SpinFire Web
Create Model MapCreate a model map used in SpinFire web.
Ignore Views and PMIDo not show any CAD views and do not import PMI information.
Disable MeasurementsTurn off measurements when using SpinFire web.
 Generate SpinFire
Importer OptionsSelect a pre-defined set of importer options. See Managing Importer Options.
Include BRepInclude BRep data in the ACT3D file for more precise measuring.
Save as Shattered AssemblySave an assembly as a shattered ACT3D assembly file.
Include 3D PreviewWhen viewing in the Windows file manager, preview the ACT3D file in 3D mode before loading
Use tessellation compressionCompress tessellated data. This lowers ACT3D file size but diminishes the accuracy of future measurements.
 Generate CAD
PDFConvert the CAD file to 3D PDF.
HSFConvert the CAD file to the HSF format.
PRCConvert the CAD file to the PRC format
JTConvert the CAD file to the JT format.
ACIS - text based (.SAT)Convert the CAD file to the .SAT format
ACIS - binary (.SAB)Convert the CAD file to the .SAB format
IGESConvert the CAD file to the IGES format
Parasolid(.x_t)Convert the CAD file to the Parasolid format.
STEPConvert the CAD file to the STEP format
Stereo Lithography (.STL)Convert the CAD file to the STL format
U3DConvert the CAD file to the U3D format.


Files generated from the Catalog part view utilize the system pipeline. View status and errors from the system pipeline on the Pipeline Manager page.

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