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CAD Publisher Upgrade

  1. Ensure the ArangoDB Community Edition currently installed is compatible with the CAD Publisher version that will be the new version installed. We would always recommend updating to the latest ArangoDB that is supported by Actify; do not install the latest version available on the ArangoDB website. Actify can provide you the relevant ArangoDB download links to avoid potential issues.

  2. We recommend backing up the VM/Server if you haven’t already at this stage.

  3. Ensure no pipelines or CAD Publisher services (Pipeline Host and Pipeline Manager in particular) are not running at the time of doing the upgrade.

  4. You must upgrade the ArangoDB prior to upgrading the CAD Publisher version (If not the latest Actify Supported version.

    For Upgrading only the CAD Publisher, It is always in this order:

    - Run CAD Publisher Deployment Script (Updates the ActifyDB in the ArangoDB)
    - WebAPP Upgrade
    - Pipeline Host Upgrade
    - Pipeline Manager Upgrade

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