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Centro 7.3.0

Centro 7.3.0 extends functionality to enhance the user experience as well as increase user productivity.

Tag Searching

Search for tags attached to resource versions from the Centro Catalog search page now. Save, favorite and even share your search with others.

CAD2CAD in Generate Options

Convert CAD files located in the Centro Catalog to other CAD formats with the simple menu option in the Catalog Part view. Choose from the variety of formats found in Centro.

PDFConvert the CAD file to 3D PDF.
HSFConvert the CAD file to the HSF format.
PRCConvert the CAD file to the PRC format
JTConvert the CAD file to the JT format.
ACIS - text based (.SAT)Convert the CAD file to the .SAT format
ACIS - binary (.SAB)Convert the CAD file to the .SAB format
IGESConvert the CAD file to the IGES format
Parasolid(.x_t)Convert the CAD file to the Parasolid format.
STEPConvert the CAD file to the STEP format
Stereo Lithography (.STL)Convert the CAD file to the STL format
U3DConvert the CAD file to the U3D format.

Comments Listed on one Page

View all comments on a single dialog for a given resource, reflecting on changes to the file or identifying a key moment in the resource's history.

Export Project

Export all the resources and their previous versions from a project to save to another location for safe keeping.

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Centro Connect

Centro Connect, a small client side app, extends Centro Control allowing a user to check-out and check-in files directly from their Windows File Explorer for those that prefer to work outside of a web browser. User permissions are enforced and users can enter comments upon check-in.

UI Changes in the Catalog for Small Mobile Devices

Use the Centro Catalog part and search pages on phone sized mobile devices. The user interface accommodates these smaller resolutions for those connect to their network but still on the move.

Export Project

Export all the resources and their previous versions from a project to save to another location for safe keeping.

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Centro 7.2.3

Centro 7.2.0 adds key features for organizing Catalog data via categories and locations, searching 3D models by geometry and allows greater scalablity with the introduction of distributed deployments.

3D Search

Centro adds the ability to compare 3D models based on the geometry of a 3D model. This important feature can help your organization identify duplicate parts and similar parts to help reduce possible waste and redundancy

Distributed Deployments

Distributed deployments allows multiple instances of Centro 7 to exist at different locations but to share content via Centro Catalog searches.

Importer Options

Use importer options to control how CAD files are converted to .ACT3D files.





Resource Categories

Centro introduces categories which are used to organize one's resource files so they are easier to find and/or resemble an organization's structure(s)

Project Locations

Centro helps organizes projects and thus the Catalog parts associated to projects by location/Centro sites.

Mandatory Comments

Comments on check-in can be made mandatory by your organization.

Centro 7.1.0

Centro 7.1.0 builds upon the features of Centro 7.0 by adding support for the German and Japanese languages, LDAP support, attributes in SpinFire Web, scheduled pipelines, and an assembly resource manager for checking in/out assembly files.

Assembly Resource Manager

The assembly resource manager allows users to check in/out many files at once related to a given assembly.

Scheduled Pipelines

Now, schedule pipelines to start at given days and times of the week.

SpinFire Web Attributes

View and filter meta data and file attributes directly within SpinFire Web.






Users can change the language between English (U.S.), German, and Japanese.

LDAP Support

Load user from your LDAP server allowing your user base to use their email address and domain password.


Shattered Assembly Support

Create shattered ACT3D files from within the Centro Catalog.


Add a tag to your resource check-in to help label versions.


Centro 7.0

Centro 7.0 enhances the Centro 6 feature set bringing greater flexibility, scalability, a 64-bit web based architecture, and a redesigned modern user interface.

Catalog Home Page

The Catalog starts with a list of a user's selected favorites based on parts, projects or searches for easy and efficient navigation.


Upload any file types to your Catalog parts. Store and associate them in the Resources tab.

Centro Control

Eliminate overwriting changes for CAD files and any associated files. Centro keeps a history of all versions with the simple-to-use Centro Control.

Advanced Search

Create and save searches based on a greater variety of attributes.

SpinFire Web Views

Use Standard, User, or imported CAD views in SpinFIre Web for quick camera changes.

BOM Manager

Compare uploaded CAD files, CAD from the Catalog or Bill of Materials from other sources in this graphical comparison of BOMs.



Pipeline Editor

Drag-and-drop to construct and edit pipelines through a web based interfaced. Pipelines are the Centro 7 improvement on Centro 6 sentinels.

Quick Publisher

Use the one-page Quick Publisher to create a pipeline for converting CAD files to ACT3D (and other) files as well as fill the Catalog.

Jobs Explorer

Search, filter, examine, and resolve job errors through the Jobs Explorer. Predefined filters allow quick and simple searches based on status.


Easy access to administer users, roles, and projects from a web browser to manage user access and security.