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With the release of SpinFire Ultimate 11.7 it will be mandatory to update the Floating License Manager to , which can now be found on the Floating License Manager Installation page. The new version of the FLM is compatible with previous SpinFire 11 releases and SpinFire 10.

  1. Back up the current Floating License Manager (Default: C:\Program Files\Actify\Floating License Manager) by copying and pasting the folder and it's content to another directory.
  2. Stop Actify Floating License Service within the LMTools
  3. Download Floating License Manager Upgrade for 11.7 zipped version
  4. Extract the upgrade FLM files to a temporary folder (Example below)
  5. Copy and paste the files from the temporary folder over the current Floating License Manager.
  6. Click "Start Server" Floating License Manager via lmtools and re-read the license file to ensure the latest .DAT file is being used.

 FLM Install approach

If you do not have any other licenses running on your Floating License Manager, you can may choose to follow this alternative approach where you can uninstall the existing FLM and install the latest FLM with the installer, rather than the zipped version in the instructions further up.

  • Stop Server on your Floating License Manager with the Force Server Shutdown ticked.
  • Uninstall Floating License Manager through Window's Programs & Features, ensure you keep a copy of the .DAT for the new installation
  • Install the executable version of the Floating License Manager, use the same install location as your previous FLM install.
  • Within LMTools click Start Server and then ReRead License File. The License should now be up and running for your end users.

How to raise a Support Ticket

If you are still having problems with upgrading your floating license manager in order to use SpinFire 11.7 please raise a Support ticket so we may provide you assistance.

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