Use the Application page to view/change SpinFire Ultimate settings.


There are three display themes to choose from: Classic (similar to previous versions of SpinFire) , Modern Dark (dark background), or Modern Light (light background; default setting). Combine a Modern theme with a personal color scheme to create a unique workspace


Modern Dark


Specify how often SpinFire Ultimate checks for program updates. The options are: Never, Every Day, Every Week, Every Month or Only Manual. Internet access is required.

Determine how many of the most recently opened documents are listed on the Home page. Select from 0 to 10.

Set a limit to the amount of undos/redos to queue.

Lock an ACT3D file while working with it to prevent other users from modifying it at the same time.

Optimize memory in cases such as after loading a file or deleting a part.

By default, SpinFire Ultimate displays Navigation tabs on the left side of each page. You can disable this feature by clearing the checkbox.

By default, if you open multiple files in the Workspace, SpinFire Ultimate will place them one on top of the other, each with a name tab—the appearance is much like folders in a filing cabinet. You can quickly move from one file to another by clicking the respective tabs. You can disable this feature by clearing the checkbox.

By default, SpinFire Ultimate will determine which language to use based on your operating system current culture setting, or you can choose from the drop-down list.

The Shared Configuration File is used to standardize settings (such as markup colors and fonts, measurement units, and so on) when there are multiple users in a common work setting. It stores SpinFire application default settings that are determined by your enterprise SpinFire Ultimate system administrator.

In this type of multi-user installation, only the SpinFire Ultimate system administrator is allowed access to this file; for other users, the option is disabled and will appear grayed out.

See The Viewer Settings Configuration File for more information.

Enter a valid URL for SpinFire Ultimate to check for updates. Use the "Check for Updates" application settings to set the frequency checking for new updates.

See Custom Updates URL for additional information.

You can customize the URL that populates the SpinFire News panel on the Home page. Use "Check for Updates" to set the frequency of updates.


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