1. Update Graphic Card Drivers

Update Graphic Card Drivers by visiting the respective manufacturers website.

  • If you have more than one graphics card on your machine (Control Panel > Device Manager > Display Adapters), you can configure your main graphics card to use the Nvidia or AMD Graphic card specifically for SpinFire Ultimate rather than the 2nd graphics card which is typically Intel. You may use this article for how to update your graphic card for Nvidia, AMD and Intel graphic cards.

      2. Optimize Memory

Turn on "Optimize Memory" Setting found under Settings > Application. Then Click Apply Settings and reopen your CAD Model to see the change.

    3. Static Model Enabled

Static Model enables better optimization of the assembly tree after the file has finished loading. Turn on "Static Model Enabled" under Settings > 3D Viewer and click "Apply Settings" bottom right. Then reopen your CAD Model to see the change.

   4. Graphic Driver Setting

Change DirectX11 to OpenGL 2 and click Apply Settings bottom right. Then reopen your CAD Model to see the change.

5. Laptop Power Saving Options

If you are using a Laptop, it is important to set the Intel Graphic card to be in "Performance Mode" and not in any modes that are trying to save the battery as this can effect the performance of SpinFire Ultimate.

 Reporting an issue to Actify Support

To report a failure to Actify Support:

  1. Gather your information:
    1. Have a clear, concise description of the issue.
    2. Document the steps to recreate the issue or steps taken leading up to the issue.
    3. Include any debugging files such as those listed on this How to Raise a Support Ticket
    4. Include screenshots or video with the issue report.
    5. When appropriate/possible, include relevant sample files (native CAD files, .3D, .ACT3D).
  2. Log on to the Actify Support site.
  3. Click Create Support Ticket.
  4. Fill out the form, including the items listed in Step 1.
  5. Click Send Email.