To determine if your machines have dual graphics cards, it may be necessary in some cases to specify the high performance graphic card to be used by SpinFire Ultimate. Otherwise it will be using the alternative graphic card which does not have the high performance needed by SpinFire or even suffer crashing issues, In most cases the 2nd graphics card is Intel.

  1. Check for Dual graphic Cards on your Machine

Within the Search menu type in Device manager and then click to expand the Display Adapters, this way you will be able to see if you have 1 or more graphic card.  

You should then right click the graphic cards and click Properties, then click the Driver tab to see the "Driver Date" .  If the driver date is 2020 or newer this is ideal timestamp, you should keep the drivers updated in order ensure the best performance capable by your machine.

2. Update your Graphic Card Drivers

First you need to update your Nvidia graphics card to the latest drivers(Anything 2017 onwards should be fine)  Complete the details on this page to be directed to the latest drivers for your machine.


Install the graphic card driver update, then restart your machine.


3. Add SpinFire.exe to Nvidia Control Panel


Then Go into the Nvidia control Panel and add SpinFire.exe and SpinFire.Viewer.Exe to the list as shown below

Within both the SpinFire.exe and Spinfire.viewer.exe executables set the number 2 option to “High Performance Nvidia Processor” and save.


  Close any open SpinFire applications, then reopen SpinFire and try some files. You should now see performance has improved or the crashing has ceased.

Intel version:

 - Enter Graphics Properties > Advanced Mode > Select "Maximum Performance" and also "Application Optimal Mode" as well as set it to 3D "Performance" on the scroll bar along the top.

AMD version:

Graphics Card Control Panel > PowerPlay > Set Plugged In and Battery to Maximum Performance and click Apply.

  • Under 3D Application Settings set the scorll bar to Performance.

  • 3D Application Settings, set it all the way to "Performance"

  • Switchable Graphics Application : Add Spinfire.exe and SpinFire-viewer.exe to the list and set them both to "High Performance"

Reporting an issue to Actify Support

To report a failure to Actify Support:

  1. Gather your information:
    1. Have a clear, concise description of the issue.
    2. Document the steps to recreate the issue or steps taken leading up to the issue.
    3. Include any debugging files
    4. Include screenshots or video with the issue report.
    5. When appropriate/possible, include relevant sample files (native CAD files, .3D, .ACT3D).
  2. Log on to the Actify Support site.
  3. Click Create Support Ticket.
  4. Fill out the form, including the items listed in Step 1.
  5. Click Send Email.