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Importers are software modules that give SpinFire Ultimate direct access to your native CAD files.

The Importers page provides the following information for each installed importer:


Importers are usually named after the CAD file format they import. For more information about an importer, click the icon to the left of the component name.

Supported Versions

Supported CAD file format versions.


Supported format extensions.


Click the respective checkbox(es) to associate specific importer file extensions with SpinFire Ultimate. This association allows you to open a native CAD file from Windows Explorer, starting a new session of SpinFire Ultimate.


In the Configure column, the Options buttons open a dialog box that feature settings for each importer (e.g., Attributes and Tessellation Level and Type). Each importer has its own set of unique options. A few examples of common option settings are

  • Whether or not to import metadata from the native CAD file.
  • Whether or not to search recursively in specified directories.
  • The precision of trimesh approximation.
  • Document types: 3D or 2D or both.
  • Whether or not to import PMI data.

When you mouse over a setting title, an description of the setting is displayed in a tooltip.

After you have made desired changes in the dialog box, be sure to click the OK button.

Image Files

Additionally, one can view image files with .bmp, .jpg, jpeg, and .png formats.

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Supported File Formats

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