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New Centro Connection Improvements

SpinFire Ultimate 11.10.0 enhances the SpinFire to Centro experience with additional features such as downloading to a selected folder and providing resource information on the specified file.


Download resource files from Centro connections in the SpinFire Library to any location on your local drive without checking out the file.

Centro Project and resource permissions still apply and resource download activity is logged for security.

Resource Information

Obtain Centro resource information from the selected file such as

  • DataDocs assocated with the project,

  • Physical Properties if the resource is a CAD file.

  • CAD Properties if the resource is a CAD file.

  • Resource File Information
    This consists of

    • Comments

    • File name

    • Modified Date/time

    • Are Changes Pending

    • Is part of a shattered assembly

    • File size.

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