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As OEMs start adopting the Catia format, Actify remains committed to our clients success by providing the NewFormatsConverter as a temporary work-around to loading Catia R29 files into SpinFire Ultimate. The Actify team is actively pursuing the true solution within SpinFire Ultimate 11.7.1 due to be release in the near future.

Download Converter

Download Optional Batch Files - For ease of use

NewFormatsConverter - For manual conversion

To load Catia R29 file into SpinFire Ultimate,

  1. Convert the file to a PRC or STEP file using the NewFormatsConvert.exe.
    1. Start a PowerShell window.
    2. On the command line, execute NewFormatsConverter.exe with a path to a file to convert.
  2. Open the converted file into SpinFire Ultimate.


NewFormatsConverter.exe <filePath> [-step] [-out <folderPath>][-nopmi] [-hidden] [-wireframes] [-construction].


.\NewFormatsConverter.exe "C:\Temp\TestFile.CATPart"
.\NewFormatsConverter.exe "\\server\mynetworkshare\CAD Files\TestFile.CATProduct" -step
.\NewFormatsConverter.exe "\\server\mynetworkshare\CAD Files\TestFile.CATPart" -nopmi




Convert the Catia file to a STEP file instead of PRC. 

Note: On average this takes longer to convert to STEP.

-out <folderPath>

Specify the folder to create the new file.


Ignore PMI. By default PMI is converted.


Convert hidden entities as well.


Convert wireframe entities as well.


Convert construction entities as well.

Additional Notes

  • A valid SpinFire Ultimate license must exist on the system.
  • NewFormatsConverter.exe expires after 31-Dec-2019.

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