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Nodelocked - License is not activated

  1. Folder Permission issue

    Ensure your Windows account has read/write permission to the license folder shown below. If there is no write permission the license file cannot be created or updated by SpinFire when Activate Online is used.
    Note - Windows hides ProgramData by default. Tick “Hidden Items” to display this folder on your C Drive.

  2. Activating SpinFire is not working for me

    1. What is the date modified shown for the file shown above in Point 1?

    2. What is the End Of Maintenance shown in SpinFire on your Home page or Activation page? If the date is wrong click Activate Online on the Activation page. Do not use Activate Online if you are using a floating license.

If the date modified or EOM looks incorrect, you should click Activate Online on the Activation page to update your local license file, the date modified and the End Of Maintenance date should change. If it does not, you may have a permission issue. If activating your license does not work after checking Read/Write Permissions from Point 1 and trying to Activate Online, pleace reach out to support at or

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