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Scripting in SpinFire Ultimate provides technical oriented users to write Python scripts to automate tasks and capture information repeatedly.

SpinFire Ultimate provides a user interface to

  • create,
  • write,
  • edit,
  • save,
  • load,
  • and run scripts.

The scripting toolbar provde the folllowing functions.


Creates the start of a new script.

Used to open a script.

Save Script.

Save Script As.

Cut to clipboard.

Copy to clipboard.

Paste to clipboard.

Run script.

Stop script.

Show documentation.

To Create/Edit a Script

  1. After opening a 3D model, click on the Scripting icon on the 3D toolbar.
  2. Select New Script... .

To View Scripting Output

  1. Clck Vew > Python.NET Console
  2. The Python console appears below the graphical area. Print statements and errors appear here.

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