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SpinFire and Microsoft Windows Logs

  1. SpinFire’s log

    1. The SpinFire log file can be found C:\ProgramData\Actify\SpinFire11\Logs

  2. Windows Event Viewer Logs

    Open Event Viewer by typing in Event Viewer in your Windows Search Bar, Expand the Windows Log folder to reveal the Application and System Logs, right click each of these and click “Save All Event As” ,and save both of these files to your desktop and then upload to our Actify Uploader.

To review each Log for any application or system errors yourself, it is nessasary to filter (Using “Filter Current Log” on the right hand side of the Event Viewer program) to Critical, Warning and Error depending on the volume of what is being reported on your machine. It may reveal issues for example with your graphics card, .NET software or it is only reporting SpinFire.exe is crashing.

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