Infrequently, a file may fail to open or SpinFire may stop operating. The following text provides information about possible causes and solutions.

File Failures

Occasionally, a file may fail to open in SpinFire Ultimate. Troubleshooting methods depend on the the file type:

.3D files

SpinFire Ultimate can open .3D SpinFire files that were created using SpinFire versions 10.0.0 and later. Files created using an earlier version of SpinFire might not open — they are not supported by Actify.

Possible Work Arounds

  1. Open the .3D file using a recent version of SpinFire 10.x, and then save the file. 

  2. Attempt to reopen the file using SpinFire Ultimate.


  1. Open the original CAD file in SpinFire Ultimate.

ACT3D files

There are two reasons why a ACT3D file might not open in SpinFire Ultimate.

  1. The file is invalid or corrupt, or

  2. The version of SpinFire Ultimate used to create the file is more recent than the version being used to open the file.

    For example: An attempt to use SpinFire Ultimate 11.0.0 to open a file that was created by SpinFire Ultimate 11.1.0, will fail.


When collaborating with other users, it is best practice that everyone use the same version of SpinFire Ultimate.

CAD files

Consider the following if a native CAD file fails to open:

  • Is the file a supported format?

SpinFire Ultimate supports specific file formats and extensions. Refer to the SpinFire Ultimate Importers page for more information.

 Also, be aware that a new version/release of the native CAD system may produce a file format that is not yet supported by SpinFire Ultimate.

  • Is the file corrupted?

If the file cannot be opened in its native CAD system, then it is most likely invalid or corrupt.

  • What is the error message?

Click Details in the error message box for more information. Certain types of files cannot be opened, such as encrypted AutoCAD files.

  • If the file is empty, check to see if the version of the file format is currently supported. Actify strives to stay current with file formats, but some development time is required after new CAD file format versions are released.

If none of the above apply to your case, please report the issue to Actify Support.

To request support of a new CAD file format or a newer version of one already supported, please contact Actify Support.

System Failures or Performance Issues

If you experience a system failure while opening a file or when interacting with a 3D model, make sure that the latest graphics driver has been installed for your graphics card. It is not uncommon for older drivers to fail when working with 3D renderings. 

If system failure still occurs, change the Graphics Driver selection in the SpinFire 3D and/or 2D Viewer settings:

  1. In SpinFire Ultimate, navigate to Options > 3D and/or 2D Viewer.

  2. Under Rendering, select a different graphics driver. (We would recommend first trying DirectX9, then OpenGL2)

  3. Click Apply Settings.

  4. Open the File in a new workspace to check performance, 


SpinFire Ultimate maintains a log file which can be useful to Actify Support when issues are reported. Should you continue to experience SpinFire Ultimate system failure, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Actify\SpinFire11\Logs.

  2. Locate SpinFire.log and include the file in the report to Actify Support.


On most systems, the C:\ProgramData folder is hidden. To change its visibility, see your system administrator or go to Organize > Folder and Search Options > Hidden Files and folders and select Show hidden files, folders and drives from the Windows Explorer options.


If running DirectX, create a dxdiag.txt file to aid Actify's debugging efforts.

  1. Click the Windows Start button.

  2. In the Run/Search field, type dxdiag, then press Enter.

  3. When the process is complete (it may take a few minutes), click Save All Information, located in the lower-right of the diagnostic tool's window. 

  4. The Windows Save as dialog box will open and prompt you to save the file.

Systems with Multiple Graphics Cards

Multi-graphic card systems can cause SpinFire Ultimate to crash or behave erratically. This is common to systems with a on-board graphics card and a slotted high performance graphics card. To resolve, select the high end graphics card to specifically use with SpinFire Ultimate.

  1. Open the Windows Start Menu

  2. Enter Nvidia control panel into the Search field and run it

  3. Select Manage 3D Settings from the option in the left-hand panel

  4. Select or browse for SpinFire Ultimate to change the graphics processor  

  5. Select your NVidia graphics card under preferred graphics processor

Reporting an issue to Actify Support

Reporting an issue to Actify Support

To report a failure to Actify Support:

  1. Gather your information:

    1. Have a clear, concise description of the issue.

    2. Document the steps to recreate the issue or steps taken leading up to the issue.

    3. Include any debugging files such as those listed on this How to Raise a Support Ticket

    4. Include screenshots or video with the issue report.

    5. When appropriate/possible, include relevant sample files (native CAD files, .3D, .ACT3D).

  2. Log on to the Actify Support site.

  3. Click Create Support Ticket

  4. Fill out the form, including the items listed in Step 1.

  5. Click Send Email.

Can Only Use SpinFire with Administrator User

There's an unusual case where a .NET alteration was made either by a user or a system update. This caused SpinFire to be usable only by an administrator.

To fix this issue:

  1. Find the .NET folder on the system in question.

  2. Add the "USERS" permission to the .NET folder.

Error 1722 Occurs on Installation

In a few instances, an error has occurred during installation.

Windows updates may have occurred possibly corrupting one's .NET instances. This can be resolved by reinstalling .NET.